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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does Humor Play an Important Role?

While waiting in the car for M to buy his ramly burger this evening, i had this thought, "What makes a relationship lasting? How do we get to this stage?" Then I looked back at our 8 years together, and I realized that beside from the communications we had, we jokes alot daily. M & I are very childlike at heart.

If you see us, we're like two children who is deeply in love with each others. For instance; I love punching M on his cheek, and M loves to imitate the slogans or characters he finds humorous. M would make me laugh, every single of my life. I think that is one of the reason why we are still on fire for each others. love
My question is, "Does Humor Play an Important Role in Your Relationship?" Will a relationship last without It?
Before you answer me, let's take a look at the below quiz from Blogthings. I think it is quite true what it says about me in this. How about yours?

Your Love Is Represented By a Red Rose

You love passionately and fully, without any reservations.
And while romantic love comes easily for you, you also love many people platonically.
You are a true romantic, and you always can see the best in people.

What Rose Represents Your Love?

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