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Monday, October 6, 2008

CMPC #2: Communication

Communication is essential in a happy marriage. But becareful, there's a big differences between conversation & communication. Conversation is a head-to-head talk, eg; daily chit-chatting, where else communication is a heart-to-heart talk. It reveals the inner most feelings of oneself.

Well, I don't think we have any major problem in this area because I am always revealing my inner feelings to M, and I am always pestering M to tell me his inner feeling. But of course, at times, M would tell me his inner feelings voluntarily. :) He's the type of guy who would keep everything to himself. If he thinks by telling out his feelings, it's not gonna make any changes to the situation, he'll keep quiet. (This is wrong, darling! Remember, B & T said, we must always communicate with each others! ;))

There's also differences between hearing & listening. Hearing is receiving words, where else listening is taking the effort and totally understand the other person.

Like previous session, we were given a booklet and asked to do the first part on the spot. The first part was about rating you & your fiancee according to the characteristics in the list. We were fast in completing this task, compared to previous week. :)

B & T asked all of us to share. No one escape from this sharing. M & I were the last couple to share. I was having a sore throat, so M did all the talking. (Thanks, darling!) He started off with, "This is a good exercise. We all have give high rating to all the good ones but the bad one..." before M could finish his sentence, T said, "hide". And M followed, "hide. No, not hide, it's just that we point out the good ones as it can motivational."

Then T continued on and said that we should not hide the bad points from our partner as sooner or later she/ he is gonna know. It is better to be honest. She was going on & on, and we were just listening. I knew she had M the wrong way but i was too hurtful to speak because of my sore throat. I think everyone in the room thought that M & I haven't been very honest with each others.

On our journey back home, I asked M what exactly he wanted to say during the sharing. And he told me this, "I was referring not only about us, but all of the couples in the room. This exercise was good because it is sort of like a compliment to our partners and it could motivates us to go further." At the back of my mind, I was thinking, "I thought so!" :)

FYI, the characteristics were physically attractive, intelligent, fun to be with, humorous and etc. So now, you understand why M has said it is sort of like a compliment to our partners. :)

Homework: To finish the rest of the booklet.

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