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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CMPC #4: Sex In Marriage

Most peoples avoid talking about sex in their marriage. But it is really something we should talk about. In the world's perspective, sex is an activity based and it's for self-fulfillment, where as it should be a commitment and a way of saying both of you are united and belong exclusively for each others.

Sex is a day long love making. Allow me quote from the booklet that was given to us to further elaborate on this statement:
You touch each other alot. You are communicating - if not by touch, by words. You talk about anything & everything all the time. You listen to each other, because what is going on inside the other person is so important to you......The more you are really involved with each other all day long in every way, the more exciting & delightful sex will be for you two.
Again, it is back to communication. We must always communicate with our partner to know & understand what is happening in them. Sexual relationship runs into problem as soon as it becomes an activity in which both parties are seeking individual goals and satisfactions.

Homework: To finish the rest of the booklet.

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