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Monday, October 20, 2008

CMPC #3: God & Marriage

In our third session of CMPC, we talked about God's desire for our marriage and are we ready to give ourselves to our fiance. We were then asked to answer a questionaire consists of 9 questions. One of the instruction was to wrote a love letter to your fiance starting from your fondest hopes & dreams for your life together. As usual, couples were asked to do this separately, then come together to discuss about your answers.

When M & I gathered together for exchange of answers & love letter, I was quite excited. Anxiously, I asked for the love letter first. I read the first line and it was his usual style of starting a love letter to me, "Hi darling, time passes by so fast...". Then as i read on, i felt something, something was tinkling my heart. I do not know why but I had tears in my eyes when i've finished reading his letter to me. And my voice was shaky. I can't explain how i really felt at that moment, I was speechless. I just hugged him tightly and whispered "I love you" at his ear. It was his sincerity & his love that I felt from his words. He has really touched my heart. For the first time, I felt like crying after reading a love letter from M. One of the thing that he said is, "I am so looking forward to write this letter to you... ...i really hope that we can build a family together,"

Thank you darling! I love you! :)

During the sharing, every couples has their own stories to share. It was great to know about others, and i could relate to all their stories because it happened to me & M too.

M & I have a lot of special moments, too much that we couldn't recall. But it is important to remember your special moments, at least the most special one that you've experienced with your hubby. During the downs in your marriage, this special moment can help you to bring back the love feeling you had for your hubby.

Homework: To finish the rest of the booklet.

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Congratulations, Marzie! and thank you for your comments love! :)

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