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Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Time Mom

It has been 13 days since I gave birth to our beautiful princess Julie Martin Soo. Taking care of a newborn baby is not as easy as i thought. I had post-partum depression on the 2nd day we brought Julie back home. I cried without any solid reason and being sad all of the sudden. I also had fear that i would not be able to take care of my princess and i would not be a good mom.

Breastfeeding has taken a toll out of me. It's easy to get her to latch on but my princess doesn't seems to be getting enough of milk. She always fall asleep during half-way feeding. When i put her back to sleep, she would sleep for 30-45 mins before crying again. Her mouth would be then searching for something to munch on. I had to breastfeed her again. It was exhausting.

On the 3rd day, i decided to pump out the milk so that i would be able to see how much she has drink. Then it was a little easier. But one problem solved, another problem emerged. My princess is having nose blocked. She couldn't breath well and have to use her mouth to breath. This has make her feeding and sleeping harder. Her paediatrician, Dr. Pria from Tropicana Medical Centre has given us STERIMAR, a type of solution to spray into the nose. We have been using it for almost a week now, her condition doesn't seems to improve. Yesterday, we read in the internet that there is a kind of nose suction for newborn that we could buy from pharmacy and try to suck out the mucus after using the spray. We are going to try that. Hopefully my princess will get better over the time.


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