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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family Planning

Last Thursday, M & I attended a 3 hours talk on Family Planning at Assunta Hospital. This was part of our CMPC. I had to say this was the most interesting talk i've ever attended. Even though we were both feeling a little fatigue that night but the speaker had our full attention during that 3 hours.

We were taught of the male & female reproductive system, latest contraceptive methods available and latest way of abortion - in which the church is strongly against abortion, before being introduced to the main topic: Billings Ovulation Method (BOM), an effective natural method of planning your family. It is based on the correlation of physiological events of the female reproductive cycle with observations made at the vulva. This method is being used in China and is said to be 90% accurate.

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Interesting facts I've learn:
1) The life span of sperm is 1 day in dry place, and 3-5 days in wet place.
2) A male is fertile all his life long since the day he reached puberty.
3) The testicle is the ideal organ to store & produce sperm because of the temperature. That is why, male are advisable not to wear tight underwear/ pants to allow some room for breathing.
4) A male produces 1000 sperms every second.
5) Not all sperms being produced are healthy. There will be some with big head, some with crooked tail, etc. Only the healthy one will be able to swim to the egg and fertilized.

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Interesting facts I've learn:
1) The life span of ovum is 1 day.
2) A female is generally most fertile a few days before, during, and after ovulation.
3) Most female ovulate on day 14th from the first day of her menses.

In BOM, we especially the females were taught to recognise the presence of musuc by the wet/ slippery/ lubricatuve sensation & visual observation, and to relate it to her level of fertility and to apply certain rules.

Homework: We were given a charting book to keep record of our observations made at the vulva. The next follow up would be three weeks later. They will then explain your charting.

p/s: I wish i could explain more in details to you guys but I have limited knowledge on BOM and it is hard to explain here. If you are interested, you can contact them yourselves.

Contacts - Natural Fertility Awareness Service of Malaysia
Petaling Jaya & Selangor
English Speaking:
Dr. Celine Pereira Assunta Hospital
03-7782 3762 (H)/

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Serina Chong
012-398 1523/

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas & Honey See
012-379 0703/

Tamil Speaking:
Mrs. Cecilia Anthonysamy
013-637 0079

Mandarin Speaking:
Mrs. Magdalene Cheah
012-289 5637/

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