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Sunday, September 28, 2008

CMPC #1: Marriage Today

Yesterday was our first session of CMPC. There were seven couples altogether including us and the leading couple who are helping us through this CMPC are Byran & Tracy. They seems to be a lovely husband & wife indeed! We were all instantly connected, maybe it was because we all have the same objective which is preparing ourselves for our wedding. :)

Our first subject was "Marriage Today". Basically it was about what we think about our partner and marriage. We were given a little booklet with 8 pages altogether. Then we were asked to answer the first two pages separately with the ladies sitting comfortable in the sofa and the gentlemen sitting on the stool outside. After 20mins, we were asked to go back to our partner and discuss about our answers.

The questions were what is the characteristics of your fiance and your own, what is marriage and how marriage should be. Well, thank God these were not subjective questions. We do have options to choose from. Like for the question 1, we were given a list of characteristics and we were only to write our initial beside the charateristics that applied. Easy right!

We were not surprise at our answers as we got most of it correct, except for one, which is 'talkative'. All along, i thought i was a talkative person but M doesn't think so. Phew! it's such a relief to know about that. At least now, I can go on and on and on without worries. lol!

After the discussion between us, we were then asked to share with the other seven couples. Everyone were reluctant to share. The first couple to share were A & F. I cannot disclose much about them here as everything that we shared in CMPC is P&C. After them, Tracy asked who's next. Her eyes were going from couple to couple. I had a strong urge to share but I am afraid that M would not want to share. He's always the quiet one and refuse to stand out in a crowd. Tracy asked again, and her eyes were going second round from couple to couple. Everyone were extremely quiet.

Suddenly, M raised his hand and broke the silence, "Well, I have something to share." He went on and told everyone that we have been together for 8 years and we had each others correctly.He said that we do have arguements but it only lasted 5 mins each. He said time heals everything. Time as in the time we've spent together.

I didn't understand what he meant by "Time heals everything". But Bryan did. At the end of our session, Bryan said that love is like what M has said, Time heals everything. He added, **"Love is a choice. M choose to make a decision to love J and hence not to get mad at her for long."

I was really surprised that M has willingly offered to share. As I've said, he's the quiet one and would not speak in public. His action has proved to me that he is serious about this course and are willing to do anything to keep our relationship strong. This is a reassurance. I am really proud of him. And i am loving him more for that! :)

Homework: We were asked to complete the little booklet before the next session. Consists of three articles and 5-6 questions for each.

** i couldn't remember very well what Bryan has said. & this is the closest meanng i could get.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catholic Marriage Preparation Course

M & I will be starting our CMPC this coming Saturday, the 27th. It will be held in a couple's house at PJ. The CMPC stretches over a period pf 6 weeks; one session per week and the duration of each session is approx. 2 hours.

This course is a pre-requisite for marriage in the Catholic Church. When you & your partner have decided to get married, you will need to register at your parish office. M & I registered 1 1/2 years in advance before our planned wedding date. It is better to registered earlier because you will need to wait till there are enough couples to start the CMPC. We waited for 3 months.

This is going to be our first step of our marriage preparation.

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