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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Story Of Our Baby Julia

At exactly one month ago, on 12th May 2011, a beautiful baby girl was brought into this world. Her name is Julia Martin Soo Sum Yue. Her English name was given by her daddy, while her Chinese name was given by her grandfather.

She was not supposed to be out yet until 25th June, but due to the complications experienced by her mommy who was having preeclampsia, she had to be brought out. Upon entering this world, she was very weak and had to depend on the machine for breathing. Despite all the negative comments from their doctors, her mommy & daddy had their hopes high.

Her mommy was in ICU for a day before transferring to normal ward. She was still having high blood pressure and was very weak at that time. Her daddy had to stayed overnights in the hospital to accompany both his precious. He was alternating between ICU to see his daughter and normal ward to see his wife.
When her mommy was able to get down from bed on Day 3, she joined her daddy to see her. As what her grandma and great grandma said, Julia looks just like her mommy, especially her nose. Her hair was like her daddy - slightly curl, and fingers like her daddy – short and fatty. She was the most precious treasure her parents had. She was a part of them!

Her parents did not give up, they talked to her for 10mins every 45 mins, starting from 9am to 1am. Everytime, they asked her to be good girl and be strong. They told her about her comfy pink bed and her fun rocking bed. They even enticed her by saying that there are a lot of toys waiting for her at home and everybody is waiting for her to wake up. But she was still too weak to give any response.

Finally on Day 4, Julia left for heaven. She will be deeply missed by her parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties. And they will always keep Little Baby Julia in their hearts.

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