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Monday, February 23, 2009

Music Monday #11: Circle of Life

Lion King is one of my favourite Disney cartoon and this is my favourite song from Lion King. I love the story between Simba and his father Mustafa. It was really real and touching! Sometimes, we need to be stern in educating our child, or else he/ she would ended up a spoilt brat. But yet at the same time, we need to build a loving relationship with our child. This is not an easy task, especially when your child is still young. He/ she wouldn't understand about 'saying no for their own good'. ><

And this reminds me of my experience with a flasher when I was 12 yr-old. I wanted to go to 7-eleven which is nearby my school with my friend. A day before that, I asked my mom for permission but she said no. I was really angry. I ignored her command and went to 7-eleven with my friend after school the next day. On the way, we met with a flasher. It was horrid! I've never seen "guy's thing' before that and seeing it, it was like seeing a monster. I was traumatized. For weeks, I couldn't sleep. Poor me! And I regretted ignoring my mom's command. Sorry, ma!

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Happy MM, peeps!

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