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Monday, November 3, 2008

Our First Meme: 8 Random Facts

This would be our first ever meme. Actually Levy has tagged me on 8 random tags at AGP. But since i've already revealed so much about myself during my previous My 8 random facts, My [another] 8 random facts and My yet another 8 random facts, now how about 8 random facts about M? [Haha, sry darling, i hv to reveal some of your facts to our blogger friends. :P]

  1. M does not like coffee. In our 7 years, I've seen him drink coffee less than 10 times. And the times when he drank one, is because I said it's extraordinary yummy. The last cup was 2-3 years back in Taiping. He drank Taiping White Coffee. oh, i miss drinking taiping white coffee! :)

  2. M is a Juventus supporter since he was 13th.

  3. M love to eat but he can be very fussy in his food selections.

  4. M love playing football. He never skips his Tuesday football match with his friends, unless something important falls on that day or if he has hurt his leg the week before.

  5. M can sing very well. Singing is one of his charm. When he sings and look you into your eyes, you can feel the electricity flowing to your body. :)

  6. Before M & I started dating, he was at his perfect weight. I do not know when or how, he has became overweight. Some says it's the power of love, but i say it's simply because he love to eat! Honestly, i think he looks better this way! More macho! :)

  7. M is a lazy good cook. He only cooks when the mood strikes him. But when he does cook, his food turn out to be fantastic!

  8. M dislike crowded and noisy places, like the shopping mall on weekend. He prefers to stay at home.
Okay, that's all the 8 facts about M. Now, i would like to tag all our commenters: Marzie, Emila, LJ, Haaziq, Jackie, Bono, Yoon See and Bintang.

Since most of you guys have done this meme already, i would like to give this meme a little twist. Instead of '8 random facts about u', it is now '8 random facts about your loved ones'. It could be anyone you love, preferably someone you've mentioned in your blog so that we could relate to it. Hope you guys will play along as this is our very first tag. Thank you, guys! *HUGZ* :)

First Commentator

Congratulations, LJ! and thank you for your comment love! :)

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